Applying for BDO Internet Banking is now easier and hassle-free. If you have a BDO ATM, then you can automatically enroll for BDO Online Banking.

Here are just some of the great features of BDO Internet Banking.

Ability to check your account balance 24/7.
Ability to view the transaction history of your bank account.
You can pay your bills online.
You can transfer funds online.
Transactions are free of charge. (the best one)

Just follow these simple steps for BDO Internet Banking Enrollment.

1. Visit and click on Enroll Now!

bdo internet banking

2. Read, Accept the "Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions" and hit Submit.

BDO Online Banking

3. Fill up the Online Enrollment form.

Before entering any details, make sure to read the guidelines listed at the upper left portion of the enrollment form.
  • Only the following accounts are allowed for initial enrollment: 
    • Individual or Joint "OR" Savings or Current Account with ATM Card 
    • Credit Card (Principal Card)
  • For Savings and Current Accounts, an ATM card is required. If you do not have an ATM card, please visit your branch to request for one. 
  • Other BDO accounts like Time Deposits, Cash Card, Consumer Loans and Trust Account may be enrolled as additional accounts once you have activated your Online Banking. 
  • For clients residing abroad, please print, sign and submit this page together with the additional requirements to: 
    • TBG - Business Support Fulfillment Unit - Enrollment Section at 7th floor South Tower BDO Corporate Center, 7899 Makati Avenue, Makati City 0726, Philippines
If your account is eligible for online banking, then continue filling up the enrollment form.
Choose an account to enroll.  Enter your desired User ID and password. Select two challenge questions, and enter your mobile number and email. 

bdo internet banking application

Now, key in your ATM Card Number and the 12 digit Account Number. Select the account type and enter your preferred Nickname.

Lastly, enter the validation code shown in the captcha image to prove that you're human and not just a spam robot then hit the Submit button.

bdo internet banking application

4. Copy the Activation code. 

Once you're done with the form, BDO will send your activation code to your email address. You may also get it by simply copying the code from the acknowledgment page.

5. Activate.

Visit any BDO ATM machine within the next 45 days after getting the activation code. To activate, just choose OTHER SERVICES select ACTIVATE INTERNET BANKING and enter your ATM Activation Code.

If you've followed the steps correctly, you will receive an email confirmation of your approved BDO Internet Banking application. After receipt of the notification, you may start accessing your account and do banking transactions 24-hours online.

That's how easy it is. If you want to be free from the long lines and queues at the banks and payment centers then you may want to enroll for BDO Internet Banking.